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This unique project is located just a few minutes' walk from Českomoravská line B metro station. It will provide its residents with modern apartments with balconies, offices, a nursery, a cultural and café space and a brewery. The dominant feature will be an artwork in the shape of a locomotive by David Černý, which in the future will connect the project with the building opposite.



Modern living for everyone

The Loko Libeň multifunctional project, which is part of the Balabenka Point complex, will provide its residents with everything they need in one place. Modern apartments, offices, a nursery, a cultural and café space, the Beseder Gallery and the Kolčavka brewery with its long history.

There are 25 residential units on offer. You can choose from an apartment with one room and a kitchenette to an apartment with three rooms and a kitchenette ranging in sizes from 34 m² to 115 m². Most of the apartments have their own balcony with the chance to rent or buy your own storage space as well as the option to rent a parking space.

The unique spirit of the place is in the form of a footbridge by David Černý, which in the future will connect with the building opposite at the fourth-floor level. The form of the footbridge makes a subtle reference to the surrounding history which is associated with Emil Kolben who built one of the most important Czechoslovak engineering companies – ČKD (Českomoravská – Kolben – Daněk).

Loko signifies local as well as being short for locomotive. And Loko Libeň will be a dependable home for its residents where they can live and work in one place, then go for a beer with friends, meet up before a concert or visit a gallery. In short, stay in the centre of action without being distracted by anything unnecessary.

Address: Lihovarská 12a, Prague 9 | Completion date: 2023 Q3


Českomoravská line B metro station is just a few minutes walk away.  Connection to the centre of Prague also by tram (nos. 6, 8, 14,19 and 25) and city bus (nos. 109, 151, 375). Near to Nádraží Libeň train station. City ring road and arterial road within easy reach.

Nearby you can find a shopping centre, restaurants, large Podviní Park, football and rugby pitches, a fitness centre, a rope centre, a cycle path for an easy journey to the city centre or for trips out of the city, several nurseries and primary schools, children´s playground... And next door Brewery Kolčavka, restaurant Beseder or Beseder gallery.

Price list

Apartment catalogue

Flat No. Floor Type Area m2 Balcony,
Orientation Price incl. VAT State Floor plan  
51 5 1+kk 42,70 m2 0 m2 NW Booked PDF Inquiry
52 5 2+kk 63,10 m2 3,10 m2 W Booked PDF Inquiry
53 5 1+kk 54,80 m2 0 m2 SW 6 489 980 CZK Free PDF Inquiry
54 5 1+kk (2+kk) 56,90 m2 7,60 m2 SE 7 793 561 CZK Free PDF Inquiry
55 5 1+kk (2+kk) 50,80 m2 7,60 m2 E Booked PDF Inquiry
56 5 1+kk 34,60 m2 4,80 m2 E 5 846 000 CZK Free PDF Inquiry
61 6 1+kk 47,20 m2 0 m2 NW 5 999 480 CZK Free PDF Inquiry
62 6 2+kk 62,10 m2 2,70 m2 W Sold PDF Inquiry
63 6 1+kk 53,90 m2 0 m2 SW 6 591 641 CZK Free PDF Inquiry
64 6 1+kk (2+kk) 56,20 m2 7,60 m2 SE 7 857 380 CZK Free PDF Inquiry
65 6 1+kk (2+kk) 50,20 m2 7,60 m2 E Sold PDF Inquiry
66 6 1+kk 34,30 m2 4,80 m2 E 5 913 530 CZK Free PDF Inquiry
71 7 1+kk 47,20 m2 0 m2 NW Booked PDF Inquiry
72 7 2+kk 62,10 m2 3 m2 W Sold PDF Inquiry
73 7 1+kk 53,90 m2 0 m2 SW 6 669 704 CZK Free PDF Inquiry
74 7 1+kk (2+kk) 56,20 m2 7,60 m2 SE 7 947 350 CZK Free PDF Inquiry
75 7 1+kk (2+kk) 50,20 m2 7,60 m2 E 7 296 798 CZK Free PDF Inquiry
76 7 1+kk 34,30 m2 4,80 m2 E 5 950 260 CZK Free PDF Inquiry
81 8 2+kk 52,40 m2 16,10 m2 W 8 676 796 CZK Free PDF Inquiry
82 8 3+kk 79,70 m2 17,80 m2 W 12 582 529 CZK Free PDF Inquiry
83 8 1+kk 48,70 m2 8,60 m2 SE 7 527 420 CZK Free PDF Inquiry
84 8 2+kk 79,70 m2 13,30 m2 E 10 986 659 CZK Free PDF Inquiry
91 9 3+kk 66,60 m2 17,90 m2 W 11 908 842 CZK Free PDF Inquiry
92 9 1+kk 34 m2 7,30 m2 W 6 400 500 CZK Free PDF Inquiry
93 9 3+kk 115,80 m2 21,10 m2 SE Sold PDF Inquiry

Storage and parking places available.

Notice: All content on this website, including the purchase price with VAT, is not a proposal to conclude a contract (reservation, future purchase, purchase) to purchase the units advertised here. The purchase prices listed here are indicative prices, we reserve the right to change the purchase price. The purchase price will be bindingly concluded by concluding a contract (reservation contract, future purchase contract, or purchase contract). The presented apartment cards and project visualizations are for information purposes only and may differ from the final implementation


Our mortgage specialist will gladly take care of financing of your property and will provide  services concerning your financing. 

Martin Bílek
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Offices for lease

Floor Unit No. Commerce Office Balcony State Floor plan  
1.NP 11 173 m2 0 m2 0 m2 Sold Inquiry
2.NP 0 m2 223 m2 0 m2 Free Inquiry
3.NP 0 m2 316 m2 22 m2 Free Inquiry
4.NP 0 m2 308 m2 10 m2 Free Inquiry


The standard fixtures and fitting for the new apartments have been selected to meet all the requirements for comfortable and convenient living.
You will be able to park your car in a secure area and you will also have your own storage space available where you can store, for example, seasonal essentials or things that you don’t want to store in your apartment.


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